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Engineering Data Analyst
Job ID:00004D8N
Location:CA Oxnard
Hours:40 Monday to Friday 8am 430pm
Pay:$20.00 $20.00
Great opportunity in Oxnard location
Job Description
Will be working on a project to assist engineering department updating existing Access 2013 forms, queries, and coding. a. Review engineering drawings to do light data entry b. Confirm and update the Access 2013 files to conform to the newest DWGs. Build an Access 2013 program that does the followinga. The program will be a front end forum that has a place for a persons initials and three buttonsb. Each button will assign a specific number from a sequential listc. Each button will create a folder in a specific location on the network.3 Need to create two to three Excel spreadsheets that interface with company ERP software a. The spreadsheets will need to connect to company database software for extraction only. b. The spreadsheets will be searchable tools for the databasec. The spreadsheets will need to have macros for redlining, strikethrough, line addition.
Skills Required
Must be proficient with Microsoft Access 2016. Will need to be able to work from engineering drawings to revise existing templates in Access.
Skills Preferred
Experience working in an Engineering Department or with Engineers a plus. Familiarity with blue prints a technical drawings a plus.